Medganic | Medganic - Spain Organic Wines
Organic, biodynamic and artisanal portfolio of products from Spain, always with a differential factor that makes them out of the ordinary.
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MEDGANIC, a combination of Mediterranean and Organic, is the name of a group of producers from Spain that have joined forces to step on international markets. The group of producers that forms MEDGANIC are looking to bring to international markets the best organic, sustainable, and otherwise natural wines and spirits, and the highest quality olive oils, olives from Spain.

What we do

Medganic's team facilitates information, communication, and logistics between the production team and our international partners with a clear and unfiltered language; and

Supports promotional actions of our importers/distributors partners in their market areas.

Our Commitment

It is our goal to building long-term relationships with importers and distributors. We offer a transparent and profitable business, providing our support and helping to promote our wines, spirits, olive oils, olives at the latest events, festivals and fairs throughout the year.


Ecological balance and sustainable development

Medganic group believes that organic farming is the present and the future. We all actively promote environmental sustainability; producing wines and spirits more naturally; caring for the health of both our producers and consumers.

The ecological balance is the equilibrium between, and harmonious coexistence of, organisms and their environment. Man is also a part of these coexistence. However, man tries to modify the environment to suit his needs unlike the other components of the ecosystem. This has upset the delicate balance being maintained in the environment.

Conventional vines are chemically fertilized and regularly sprayed against disease with chemicals. These systemic chemicals are absorbed through the roots into the vine’s sap and passed through leaves, stems and fruit. Chemical residue ends up in the grapes and therefore the wine.

Organic viticulture uses only external treatments, seeking to restore the soil’s balance. Wine that is organic will not necessarily be good; however it may be good and this will be because growing grapes organically requires a great deal of care to be taken at every step of cultivation, pruning, picking, and vinification. And, vines that have to work harder to derive nutrients from poor soil produce grapes with more colour, aroma and flavour. Organic growing, in a sense, is back-to-the-future. In Spain, we have the perfect pre-conditions: hot and dry means fewer diseases. The real challenge is making good wine. That is the success of Medganic group of wineries. Winegrowers from Medganic group are committed to make excellent organic wines because they believe it’s the best way to achieve quality wines. They focused their efforts in what they know best … Organic Wines, ranging from limited production hand-crafted artisan wines to medium size family wineries, being all state wines. Within Medganic you could find terroir driven Spanish wines with a sense of place. We share the passion for quality, we want to offer unique selections achieved by innovative ways to make wine.


Respect for nature and the resultant ecological conscience

The love of our land, that represents not only the heritage of our ancestors but a good that we provide to our descendants. It is our responsibility with the environment to be committed with a sustainable development.

When respect is related to nature, it refers to the assessment of the environment in which we live, animals, plants and everything that makes life possible on the planet. Also it refers to the consideration of nature, and the recognition of “needs” of the same, which would become the necessary conditions for developing and may continue to exist as such. That is the respect for nature is not only appreciate it, but to take the necessary measures to avoid damage.

Respect for nature and the environment is first and foremost a matter of common sense since our environment influences and has a direct impact on our health and our well-being. Attacking the environment and attacking nature is, ultimately, attacking ourselves.

Organic, Biodynamic methods, Permaculture, are all different ways that shows a deeply respect to Mother Nature and works towards sustainability. Medganic group works to use logical and balanced resources that nature offers us to not break the chain of balance and harmony that otherwise, would turn against us.


The hallmark of traditional methods

Medganic brings authenticity, personality, individuality, terroir. We celebrate proudly our high quality imperfection!

Artisanal elaboration is one of our main differences that you can find within Medganic’s producers. We can say that we dedicate to each oil, wine, liquor, the time that it deserves. The artisanal production requires a respect of the raw material characteristics in order to obtain the best quality.

A firm compromise with tradition and sustainability gives to our wines, spirits, olive oil, olives to search the most honest expression of our terroir. We give them freedom to show the singularity of each harvest. We commit with the diversity in nature in opposition to the uniformity imposed by the market.

We are honored to have in our Medganic group the best organic spirits and liquors from north of Spain. Orujo is a Spanish liquor, a pomace brandy, a transparent spirit with an alcohol content over 50% (100° proof). The name of the drink comes from the ingredients. The left-over parts of the grape after crushing are called ‘orujos’ in Spanish. Orujo’s basic ingredient is the residue from wine production. The skins, seeds and stalks of the grapes are all put into closed vats and then fermented before being distilled in order to produce the liquor.

Our organic spirits are made through the traditional, oldest and simple method of distillation called alquitar. This method implies a small performance (we obtain, drop by drop, one liter of spirit per hour) but the result is a high quality liquor, with great aromatic power and pleasant flavor. The natural development of the grape and its subsequent distillation in the alquitar produces a clean and crystalline liquor. It is softer than usual, easier to drink thanks to its lower graduation and a little drier than similar spirits thanks to its lower level of sugar. It is a healthier spirit worth to try.


Excellence by its four sides

Winegrowers, producers of spirits, olive oil, olives that are part of Medganic are carefully chosen not only for the quality of their wines, spirits, oils, olives, but also for their people and passion for what they are making.

Fresh, high-quality extra virgin olive oils contain more nutrients and will provide far more of the famous health benefits liquid gold is known for. The best olive oils are pure, healthful, functional foods that can help protect against a myriad of diseases – truly worth their weight in gold. The highest quality olive oils are extra virgin which make for our entire portfolio of oils. With that said, the best olive oil is the one you like the best. Which is why we offering a variety of premium, extra virgin olive oils. We hand-pick all of our oils to make sure that we only feature the best Spanish extra virgin olive oils. No matter which one you choose, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

And all this, for what?

Because we  LOVE  to  OFFER  the