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Through Medganic we promote artisanal, organic, biodynamic products more widely known and to find the right international partners and clients to work with
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Welcome to



Welcome to




Medganic carries great organic, biodynamic and artisanal products from Spain attached to beautiful, sometimes difficult and definitely unique stories of their people, artists of the earth.

It is created by a group of small and medium size farmers and producers that has joined forces to work with partners in international markets.

Our effort, our work, our philosophy is based on three solid pillars:


Is a growing revolution where diversity and bio-diversity are embraced. Reduces the world’s toxic load, helps the small farmers survived, helps control soil erosion, it protect our future generations… there are uncountable good reasons to go organic!


Implies hand using the traditional craftsmanship where products are carefully elaborated with particular attention paid to the tradition from the artisan maker, normally with a fairly small scale production that offers only supreme products.


Is the gold standard of farming that heals the planet through conscious agriculture. Involves the application of several strictly formulated plant preparations, and times operations to coincide with the rhythm of the earth.


Through Medganic we promote the group companies to make the products more widely known and to find the right partners and clients to work with. 

By collaborating with us you will be supporting wonderful people with honest and sincere work methods, and offering to your clients and customers high quality products from a land that represents not only the heritage of our ancestors, but a benefit that we provide to our descendants. 

Our Mission

To create a positive social, environmental and economic impact that allows improving our quality of life through healthy habits of consumption.

Our Vision

To develop the cooperative networks in an environment that works towards a sustainable production and healthy eating and drinking habits.

Our Goal

To be a benchmark within the sector with high quality products with excellent health benefits that shows respect to the environment.

Our skills

We come from different locations of the country, we elaborate different products, but all of us share the same beliefs. Excellent quality, organic and biodynamic farming, artisanal production are all concepts that surround us in everyday life. 

We work without forgetting the legacy and customs of the past, applying new knowledge to make them better for today, with the aim to leave the best possible lessons learned for the future.

The results are distinctive features products that makes them out of the ordinary.

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