Medganic | Fabrica de Hojalata
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The story of this winery is as special as its name. The Royal Tin Factory of San Miguel of Ronda was built in 1725. The location, an isolated part of the mountainous terrain near Ronda was chosen partly for its abundant and varied supply of wood which was an essential component in the working of the fumace, partly for the proximity of open cast iron ore mines and partly to take advantage of the gradient and corresponding current of the Genal river to power machinery. The factory’s out-of-the-way location was also considered a useful way of conserving the security of the tin-making process although it soon became a considerable inconvenience.

The state is located in an area known as Alto Genal valley, deep in the Ronda mountains and belongs to the Sierras de Malaga D.O. Its 30 hectares of varied terrain is mostly hilly, covered with Mediterranean forests of oak, cork, carob and horse chestnut trees. It has been returned to its former glory thanks to its owner, Enrique Ruiz. All buildings have been carefully restored using period materials in order to retain its ancient and industrial character.

The industrial process also contributes to the estate’s ecological mission by using exclusively clean, renewable energy (photovoltaic, wind and hydraulic) in addition to the production of wine by natural means without recourse to chemical additives or artificial yeast. After the natural fermentation, the use of recycled glass bottles weighing less than 400 gr inscribed and the use of cork and bee wax seals -both produced on site- completes the symbiosis with a cleaner, purer, more balanced world.

The winery works according to nature’s cycle, by means of observation and astrology, working accordingly to organic and biodynamic techniques to create a close link with the vineyard and the environment.  An effective viticulture management, with its own resources, respecting the natural balance and its self-regulation is applying in this vineyard.

Almost 300 years of grape grower’s traditions have built a long story of complicity between the man and vineyard to extract all the virtues of unique varieties, applying all the efforts to transmit its expressiveness in outstanding wines made with principles of excellence in the grape growing and the full respect of the fruition the winemaking process as the winemaker philosophy to obtain wines purity and terroir’s reflection.

The winery has the most southern Pinot Noir plantation in Europe. The goal is to produce distinguished and personal monovarietal wines; wines that are complex and that unite strength, elegance, character, and mellowness; wines that reflect the imprint of its terroir and climate as well as its distinct variety.





Pinot Noir 2015

Fabrica Moscatel Morisco

Moscatel Morisco 2015


Tintilla 2014