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“We are sons and daughters of the Mediterranean; the Greeks and Romans were the first to grow vines in La Rioja and left a solid and unyielding tradition to us.”

After numerous generations dedicated to vine cultivation, in 1998 the Ruiz Jiménez family cultivate and tend to old vines right in the heart of Rioja Baja in Aldeanueva de Ebro. The soil is ferrous-clay-chalk with sedimentary land and boulders. It is located at 500 meters above sea level in an ideal area for wine growing. “We are sons and daughters of the Mediterranean; the Greeks and Romans were the first to grow vines in La Rioja and left a solid and unyielding tradition to us.”

Their experience is written in their hands, following a ritual of thousands of years. It starts every autumn with the harvest and ends when a bottle is opened. They work in the same way as their parents did and, at the same time, make the most of the new ecological vine-growing techniques.

These wines are made in harmony with their environment throughout the whole process, everything that comes out of the plant and land returns to the land.

The vine shoots from previous grape harvests are used as fertilizer. This family of winegrowers fight against the fungi by means of a careful vine planting that makes air circulation easier. They engage in the practice of growing different kinds of herbs and plants to protect the vineyards and enrich them. They help the ecosystem by promoting biodiversity and we create a balance in our vineyards. That’s why the fine quality of their wines are based on the balance itself. What nature provides, the soils, the sky, and our care are given to these wines. They observe the sky, the light, and temperature, monitor the growth of the vineyard, prepare the field and take care of the vines so they can produce the tastiest and most expressive wine, fruit of the core of La Rioja.

This whole process, followed by love and care in the vineyard, creates a wine that will remain in your thoughts.They are certified by the Organic Agriculture regulatory body in Spain. They are also certified in compliance with the USDA standards as a producer of organic grapes and winemaker.



We are working hard to become this 2018 the first biodynamic certified vineyard from La Rioja DOQ


The harvest of 2016 was late. The lack of rain during the springtime and the high
temperatures during the summer delayed the maturation of the vines. Harvest was
slower than other years but the delay ensured the grapes reached the correct level of
maturity. This year we started harvesting at the end of September. We can say that we
are happy with this 2016 vintage. The young wines are very aromatic and fruity, well
balanced with great acidity. The aged wines have a good structure, great color and
tannic. In general, the harvest was uneventful and allowed us to obtain beautifully
ripened grapes that will give us well-balanced, aromatic-intensive wines with great


Paisajes Embotellados Reserva 2011


Paisajes Embotellados Crianza 2013



Paisajes Embotellados Garnacha 2014



Paisajes Embotellados Joven 2015



Paisajes Embotellados Rosado 2015



Paisajes Embotellados Blanco 2015